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It’s Temporary

Summer is a time of projects around our house. The first one to check off the list was a roof. What seemed endless as we began really was temporary. It was all hands on deck for tearing off the old

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Pressure Washed by Grace

It is that time of year in Minnesota. We break out the pressure washer and other such industrial cleaning tools. We clean off the siding of the house, the gutters, the deck etc. Cobwebs, dirt, and wasp nests are blasted off

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Dreams often feel strange and confusing. Reflecting on them each morning makes me wonder what I ate, or what my subconscious is really thinking. Many people question if God still speaks through dreams. I say yes. Here is why. The other

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Embodied Grief

Embodied grief means the grief has been contained or become tangible. I have known for a long time that emotions can be held within the body. I have also known that is can be very detrimental to one’s health. Here’s the

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Submitting tax forms every year is stressful for many of us. Running a small  business and interpreting tax codes has been a larger stress than I ever imagined. Well, truth be told, my  husband is the one who generally deals

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Delight is a word that I have been sitting with recently. It is more than enjoy. It means to please someone greatly or take great pleasure. So, when I read this scripture, I began to question if I really do this. Do

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Unbearable Grief-Unspeakable Joy

I sit here in the midst of unbearable grief holding onto the promise of unspeakable joy. Cancer and other forms of life stealing illness seems to touch every one of us. My story is similar to so many. My beautiful

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Truth in Love

 A nearby church has this on their sign, “If the truth hurts, it’s working.” This has been bothering me all week, so much so, that I didn’t want to post a picture of it on my site. This is a

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Seeing is Believing

It is a leap of faith to believe that Christ is alive  and working in my life. Throughout my life there have been doubt. There has been times of questioning. Thomas would say that seeing is believing. Jesus Appears to

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Faith or Trust?

I was so excited to finally see a bear in person on our trip to Yellowstone last year. Yet, there were moments of fear that crept in. I was using a zoom lens to take this picture, so the distance

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