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Little Blessings

Little blessings are often overlooked, sometimes go completely unnoticed, or worse yet are attributed to coincidence. We live in a harsh world. Disappointment can be found around every corner. It is easy to become trapped by it. We begin to dwell

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I admit it. I touch up photos whenever I can. I fuss over the lighting, but mostly I fuss over wrinkles. My photo editing options on my iPad are limited, so to remove wrinkles I would have to go to

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Intentional Kindness

Random acts of kindness are not random; they are intentional. The person acting in kindness is intentionally, thoughtfully expressing their inner joy to others. There is nothing random about it. This gift of kindness became very real to me last

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Receive Well

I struggle to receive well from others. I struggle in receiving generosity, help, and even gratitude from others. It feels uncomfortable. During my years doing mission work in Appalachia, we were taught how important it was for those we were

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Can’t Give What You Don’t Have

I recently stated reading a book by Brene Brown called The Gifts of Imperfection. I was in the first chapters when it reads, “You can’t give what you don’t have.” That sentence stopped me cold. I wrestled with it all day.

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Feeling Guilty

Is this you? You ask God to forgive you for a wrong doing. You are still feeling guilty, so you ask God again for forgiveness. You do this over and over, hoping the feeling will go away. I know I

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Transformation sounds like this beautiful process of change in one’s life. I was often told that transformation was like a caterpillar becoming a beautiful butterfly. While that is nice, to be honest, I don’t get it. I don’t know what a

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Take a Walk

To take a walk in times of conflict can transform the outcome. I was taught at a young age to argue my point and stand in defense of that point to the end. I will defend the fact that I am

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Anger-What to do?

Anger-what to do? This is something I struggle with personally. When I get angry or see anger, I immediately want to make it go away. I don’t necessarily want to fix it. I just want it to stop. For others anger

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A Mulligan

A mulligan is my favorite part of golf. A mulligan is a chance to do-over a shot that went wrong. Needless to say, I need this often. As much as I enjoy golf, it often has moments that are filled

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