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If life has ever left you wounded, then this book is for you. This book s a personal journey of freedom and restoration from childhood sexual abuse.  Mary shares her deeply personal experiences that brought intimacy to her relationships particularly her relationship with her husband and with Christ. This is more than a story about abuse. It is about the lengths God will go to -to fulfill His words “thorough housecleaning.” We can all benefit from that kind of cleaning.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I was asked to write a review of Clean Your Inner House by the author Mary Schulze Michener, so I put on some Christian music and started reading, never thinking I would read the entire book in one sitting like I did.
    It’s a little disconcerting to read my own story included in the book. At first I gasped and then cried to remember when that day happened. It never would’ve come about without speaking and learning from the author that God wants me to clean that closet, God needs me to empty that closet, that God loves me so much He will hold the box that I empty all my garbage into and nail it to a cross so that I do not have to be oppressed and weighed down with so much excess hurt and crushing pain.
    Then as the book unfolds describing many instances that God in His infinite wisdom had me at the same place and time literally with the author, I realized just how parallel so many of our life stories are and probably are with many others.
    I recommend “Clean Your Inner House”. There are so many out there with breaking hearts and crushed spirits who need to know God’s love and redemption. Twila Paris is one of my favorites and she wrote and sang a song with the words “the light is filling up the corners, dancin’ on the floor. I’m not afraid anymore….” When His light fills your corners and dances on your floor, you can see the dust and cobwebs and know where to vacuum and dust, and you never have to be afraid as He reveals what to you what needs cleaning.

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