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                Memorial Day is a time when I reflect back on the service of my dad during WWII. Dad and John became brothers in boot camp. They always lined up next to each

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Did You Learn Anything

It was dark and snowing. My parents didn’t want me to head back to my apartment due to the weather. I was young and dumb. I insisted that with Dad’s truck I’d be fine. Finally, he gave in and sent

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Letting Go Isn’t Forgetting

In grief, letting go feels like forgetting. I was scrolling through my text messages today and came across messages from my niece who recently passed. I looked through our conversations. My heart was warmed, but I’m not ready to let go.

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The phone call came. I had just finished feeding our newborn son. My brother tells me, “Dad’s dead. You need to come.” I was certain I had mis-heard him. Dad was fine yesterday. He had been to my house three

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Memorial Day

This Memorial Day I felt compelled to remember all those who have fought for my freedom. I have a particular affinity for the 96th infantry, Deadeyes from WWII. They fought a bloody battle in Okinawa. This  book is a chronicle

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Poor Decisions – “I Told You So” and Grace

Be honest. Have you ever wanted to tell someone, “I told you so?” This collection of ovens is my kitchen. My wonderful husband cannot pass up a good deal even if it means he is going to have to fix

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