Striving is that constant pursuit of more. It’s more than goal setting. It’s an internal drive that propels you forward in spite of yourself. It’s a bit of a paradox. It has it’s positive side. It pulls you up when

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Saved by Faith

As a teen, predators in my life left me feeling worthless. I desperately wanted to be liked, but didn’t see anything in myself worth liking. It was an internal battle that I kept to myself. I didn’t share even with

In This Together

Doing life together is what we are called to. We are meant to be in community. We are meant to spur each other on toward love. I, however, am not very good at it. For me, it is very one

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Really God…

“Really God,” has been a phrase coming out of my heart over and over again these last weeks. It’s very similar to the question of why God except that I had stopped asking God why things happened to me. “Really

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Seeing God in Others

Seeing God in others can take on many forms. As a young girl, I learned from my church family that God is filled with love, mercy and grace. My mother taught me that Jesus was my friend. I could talk

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Feeding the Soul

I had seen a window of opportunity to get away for a couple days to feed my soul. I presented the options to hubby. After doing some searching for options, he was concerned about cost with the many other summer

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Apparently, caring others burdens is something I am still working on. This is not the first time I’ve written on being burdened. As I walk this new road to health, it became clear that I have carried the burdens of

Freedom-Self Indulgence

We were hiking up this long inclined trail to get to this beautiful overlook. It started to feel like we were on the wrong path. It was taking a long time to get there. We could see the top. We

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Too Christian?

I am often asked why I didn’t become a pastor. The truth is the thought of going to seminary scared me. I was scared that I wasn’t Christian enough. I was scared I was going to have to change. I

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Behind the Fridge

The road to healing and health can sometimes take us down unexpected paths. I tend to equate dealing with the dark, gross stuff in our lives as cleaning behind the fridge. We don’t go there very often. It is a

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