Sometimes it’s my kiddos who get the wheels in my brain turning. Sometimes they even teach me a thing or two although I hate to admit that part. Earlier this week my oldest was telling me about a friends testimony

I’m sick. For the last several days I have been nursing a nasty head cold. Cough, congestion, and fatigue have plagued my days and my nights. My eyes just want to stay closed, and I need to take out stock

Have you ever gone bowling and used the bumpers? When in use, they raise up and prevent the ball from going into the gutter. The ball will bounce off the and move back toward the center. It may do this

Labor Day is a day when we are to rest from all our labor. Many have picnics and gather with families. We rest. We prepare for the new school year. I thought I would pause and reflect on what Scripture

Prayer nudges from the Holy Spirit are easy to miss or overlook. They are opportunities for us to participate in the work of grace, healing, safety, and miracles. I know I have missed many of the opportunities given to me,

Striving is that constant pursuit of more. It’s more than goal setting. It’s an internal drive that propels you forward in spite of yourself. It’s a bit of a paradox. It has it’s positive side. It pulls you up when

As a teen, predators in my life left me feeling worthless. I desperately wanted to be liked, but didn’t see anything in myself worth liking. It was an internal battle that I kept to myself. I didn’t share even with

Doing life together is what we are called to. We are meant to be in community. We are meant to spur each other on toward love. I, however, am not very good at it. For me, it is very one

“Really God,” has been a phrase coming out of my heart over and over again these last weeks. It’s very similar to the question of why God except that I had stopped asking God why things happened to me. “Really

Seeing God in others can take on many forms. As a young girl, I learned from my church family that God is filled with love, mercy and grace. My mother taught me that Jesus was my friend. I could talk

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