My Beloved

My favorite Bible is home again. It has been at our cabin for a number of years. I left it there to for my own reading, but I also kept it on the nightstand in case a renter needed comfort.

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Signs and Wonders

I find it easy to get caught up in my day to day life and forget about the awesomeness of God. Routine takes over. Prayer and scripture keep me in touch with Him. It’s my sense of awe and wonder

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Grief and Hope

It was a simple faculty retreat. A morning of encouragement and new ideas on how to improve instruction. Then she started talking about work and faith integration. She shared about the loss of her niece. She shared the the helpless

With Us

God with us is a difficult concept to embrace. God always with us. We are never alone. How does that work? How do I feel close to someone who’s not here? My son taught me a little about this. It

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Giving Up

A trip to Boston brought me in touch with the idea of giving up. I know that sounds strange. We walked a lot in Boston 27 miles in four days to be exact. Nine of those miles were on the

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Several years ago I was asked to enter into a time of fasting and prayer for a breakthrough in ministry. My initial thoughts, “Prayer-fine. Fasting -are you kidding me-why would anyone do that voluntarily?” I felt like I needing to do

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Unanswered Prayer

My son was lamenting a prayer he has been praying for about a year now. He was frustrated that it had seemingly gone unanswered. It is a lament my heart has expressed many times around many aspects of life. In

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Making Changes

The other night my son was lamenting his frustration with the phrase, “We’ve always done it that way.” He didn’t understand people’s resistance to doing things differently whether at church, school or work. He wasn’t bashing tradition. He was frustrated

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Loving Deeply

I was asked to officiate a wedding ceremony for a couple I had never met. I have only done a couple of ceremonies and prefer to know the couple. So, the dilemma began. What do I say to a couple I

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Today started organized and well planned. I knew exactly what I needed to accomplish. It started as good, productive day. Then the emails started rolling in with various needs and of course, they were all urgent. Within in an hour

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