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An Empty Quiver

Sometimes I’m fortunate to read a book that ignites my faith and encourages me to continue to pursue God’s will in my life. I’m encouraged to use every arrow and end with an empty quiver. Erwin McManus uses the Old

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Intentional is a word I use frequently. It is important to me that I do things intentionally. That I have forethought and results in mind as I approach a challenge. As much as I through this word around, there are areas

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Forgiveness Journey

You know their name. You can see their face. The pain, humiliation and disgrace rush back into your memory. You have heard over and over you need to forgive them. On one level  you want to, but you can’t. You

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Least of These

Sometime I feel like the worlds problems are so big there is nothing I can do about them. Huger, poverty, homelessness, they break my heart, but what can I do for the least of these? The sheer number of people affected

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Keeping My Soul

Life is challenging. Busyness takes over. Kids, spouse, work, writing, speaking, teaching all quickly take over. Each day quickly rolls into the next. Before long, I feel fragmented and in need of rest. Busyness is one of my biggest challenges

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Reconcile-Are You Ready?

Reconcile-Are you ready? Reconciliation can be very difficult. We have been hurt. We have a strong opinion on what is right, and we don’t want to let it go. Yet, all throughout scripture we are called to reconcile. Honestly though,

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              I feel like I have been in a complaining mode lately. Does that every happen to you? I try hard not to be that person, but lately I’m failing regularly. I have to

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Disappointment: Hearing No or Not Now

  Have you ever been disappointed? Have you ever been disappointed with God? If you are honest, the true answer to both questions is yes. I know it is for me. So what do you do about it? There have

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Daring Greatly: Vulnerability

When I was first beginning the writing of Clean Your Inner House, I was overcome by fear. How could I commit to paper all of the gruesome details of the abuse? Other people where going to know the worst parts of me.

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