Daily Grace


I was on my way to pick up my son for an orthodontist appointment. My brain was focused on information I was reviewing for an upcoming meeting, when it occurred to me that the approaching car could be a squad car. At that moment the lights went on. My heart sunk as I looked down and realized I had hit “resume” on my cruise control rather than “set”. This unconscious move did not take into account that the speed limit was now 10 mph less than the road I was previously on. The funny part is I regularly use my cruise control to prevent a ticket.

I immediately pulled over. He turned around and parked right behind me. I was shaking as I dug out my driver’s license. When he arrived at my window, I hung my head and apologized. I handed him my license and told him my story. I felt awful. He asked for my insurance card. I started pulling everything out of my glove box. I was really shaking, now. I found three insurance cards. None of them were current. Guilty again. He went back to his car to verify that I wasn’t lying when I said there wasn’t any traffic violations on my record. He came back and said he was letting me off with a warning. Overcome with relief, I thanked him.

I had just experienced grace. I was guilty. I deserved the consequences. I was told to be careful and have a nice day. Or, in Jesus words, “Go and sin no more.” But I was still going to have to tell my husband. Ugh.  Several potential versions of how this could go wandered through my mind. I know you are thinking, “Why would you even tell him? You didn’t get a ticket.” Simply, no secrets. (I’ll blog on that some other time.) I chose to send him a text that simply stated, “I got pulled over.” His response, “Not surprised, lot on your mind, hopefully only a warning.” I was in tears. I felt forgiven. I had received grace again, and it was far more meaningful when it was from someone I love. I was overflowing with emotions as it occurred to me that Christ does this for me continually.

Grace is not something we receive once, when we accept Christ into our lives. Although, I had forgotten that. We need grace daily. This was a vivid reminder of what Christ does for us over and over. Daily, I am forgiven for my sins. Cuz, I’ll be honest, I sin daily.

But this experience made me look at daily grace from another perspective. How am I extending grace to others? Both the officer and my husband extended grace to me when I didn’t deserve it. When was the last time I extended grace to someone? Who around me needs to experience grace?

I need to consciously be aware of opportunities to extend grace to others. Will you join me in doing the same? Accidental grace is nice. Intentional grace is extending the hand of Christ. Let’s be intentional.

Share your grace story here and it will encourage us all.

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