4 Tips to Hearing God


How do you know when God is telling you something? How do you know the direction you are heading is God’s plan for you? I have had several people ask about my snowy picture.  To be honest I love snow. The picture is from the woods across from our house where I go snowshoeing. What does this have to do with hearing God? Everything. I jokingly call it my schizophrenic prayer time.  Please excuse my political incorrectness, but spending time with God is the first tip. For me that usually involves an iPod, a journal, Bible, and movement like snowshoeing.  The most profound direction from God has come while snowshoeing, running or the elliptical. My mom said her favorite thing to do while doing dishes is talk to Jesus. She said I could talk to Him anytime, anywhere.  That was the best thing she ever taught me.  Figure out works best for you and do it-consistently. I have found the more time I spend with Him the familiar His voice and guidance have become.

The next two tips go together.  Does it line up with scripture and does it line up with God’s character? The fruits of the spirit are from scripture and show us God’s character. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law (Galatians 5:22-23 NIV). This is just a starting place to check what we are hearing.

The fourth tip is to have good counsel.  People who are close to us can help encourage us or point out potential pitfalls.  We need people like this in our lives. The idea to write “Clean Your Inner House with God” came from such a prayer walk.  It was a rare Holy experience with God. The notion of writing a book scared me. It was way out of my comfort zone and it definitely wasn’t using my strengths. I continued to pray for words and guidance.  I consulted with close friends. I needed to hear people tell me that this was a good idea, and now the book will be available in May.  The whole experience has been a gift to my family and I. It’s worth listening-He has great plans for us. 

Bonus tip: Trust.  There have been many times when fear has slowed me to a halt and left me resisting God’s nudges.  Thankfully He has been patient and kept nudging.  The first nudge for this blog came over a year ago, but I’ll save that story for a later post.  I know this, when I trust and follow, it is better than anything I could do on my own-because He has great plans for us.

What are some of the ways you spend time with God? How do you know when He’s nudging you? Leave a comment.  I would love to hear about it and would love for us to learn from each other.

                               Remember: He has great plans for us.

6 thoughts on “4 Tips to Hearing God

  1. Mary…thank you for these clear reminders of staying close enough to God…to hear Him. I find some of my greatest times of hearing God, often come when I just stop talking (hard for me!) and start listening for Him!

  2. as i am loving the quiet time of the day, i feel that i do my a.a. readings on how to live soberly in God’s world. i then follow in time of prayer. i talk to Him like an old friend and yet my father. as i have a inner battle; of good and bad, i have reached out to my wonderful family at church to pray and cheer me on as i prepare for a war with in me. i have been trying to hear His words with in and try my hardest to do what’s right…. all i have to do is have faith.

    1. That’s awesome Michelle. When we are in battle the best thing we can do is draw near to Him. He will give us the strength we need. Praying that God multiplies your strength.

      1. thank you mary.
        as i look for strength to carry out my message to my ex husband on how i have changed and that i am longer a co dependent woman, and that i have been granted a voice of my feelings, i finally told the ex that he belittles, disrespects, and makes me feel like an unworthy mom. as God finally gave me the strength to do that…. i feel like a strong woman and shouting to the world: “i am woman hear me roar”!! as i am working on cleaning my house. i give him thanks for the courage to stand up for myself, my mental health, my addiction, and my faith in my God as i understand him. thank you mary for giving me the oppertunity for giving me this website as a tool to clean my house.

        1. Woo Hoo!! Thank you God for the courage, strength and voice she finds in You! Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your heart-you are inspiring many to dig in and let God bring them to newness in life.

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