A Different Path

The path to the waterfall was clear. It was rocky, but easy to follow. There was some climbing involved but nothing to strenuous at least for those of us who stayed on the path. Leave it to my boys to choose a different path.

Their choice was much steeper with far more potential to fall. My heart skipped a beat a few times watching them climb. The protective mom within wanted to stop them. The inner young woman wanted to join them. The choice to take a different, more difficult path not only took younger legs, it took courage. It took faith. It took trust.

Every time a friend shares that they are following God’s nudge and takes a different path, I am excited for them and a little terrified at the same time. My path with God has taken lots of twists and turns. It certainly hasn’t been easy, but there has been plenty of joy. But, what if God asked me to do something radically different? What if He asked me to climb a high rocky cliff? What if He asked me to walk away from something I love to embrace the unknown? Would I be able to do it?

18 As Jesus was walking beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon called Peterand his brother Andrew. They were casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen.19 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” 20 At once they left their nets and followed him.21 Going on from there, he saw two other brothers, James son of Zebedee and his brother John. They were in a boat with their father Zebedee, preparing their nets. Jesus called them,22 and immediately they left the boat and their father and followed him. (Matthew 4:18-22 NIV).

The disciples dropped everything for a completely different path. They didn’t hesitate. They didn’t second guess the choice. They trusted, and they followed. I want that kind of faith. I’m leaning to lean into to the daily guidance God offers. Maybe the different path is reaching out to someone in need. Maybe it is listening to a broken heart. Maybe it’s getting involved with an underserved population. Maybe it’s getting out of my comfort zone.

Are you willing to take a different path? Are you being nudged? Share your experience hear and breathe life and bring hope to others.

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