Decision Time

Some decisions come easily others take significant contemplation and investigation. I have been shopping for carpet recently. It was my husband’s idea, but once he pushed go, I was off and running. I love redecorating a room in the house. The problem is we have different ideas on what is appealing and what the budget should be.

We went shopping together, once. We didn’t agree on anything. In his wisdom, he decided I could make the call on the look of the carpet. I had found one that I thought accommodated what each of us liked. We had the space measured, and then the quote came in. I had grossly underestimated the square footage needed to cover the space. There went the budget.

It was decision time. My husband was ready to put everything on the back burner stating, “We don’t have to do this right now.” While there is truth in that, I was now excited for the change. Anybody who has been to our house knows how badly we need new carpet. So, I did some further research. Learned more about carpet, and found an acceptable alternative to my first choice. It’s 50% closer to the original budget, and closer to my husbands first choice in style. I’m feeling like this is a good compromise. He hasn’t decided, yet.

I always take tough decisions to God. I pray and wait for the peace that comes when I know its decision time. My heart becomes calm and knows what it right. As I struggle with patience waiting for my husband to decide, I also struggle with patience with God when the answer doesn’t come as quickly as I would like.

But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere. (James 3:17 ESV)

When I don’t have that sense of peace, I wait for God to bring a clear answer. Often waiting for clear guidence isn’t difficult. When months or years begin to pass waiting becomes a challenge. I want to push my way through. I want to trust that His timing is perfect. Then I go back to wanting the decision now. Sometimes, I even throw out ultimatums to God. In the end, I wait for pure, gentle, peace that comes from Him.

I’m not waiting for peace on the carpet just hubby’s okay, but there are other significant decisions that I am waiting for that peace before making the leap. One of those is over two years in the waiting. I still push, but in the end I wait.

What do you do when it’s decision time?  How do you know what is the right decision? Do you experience that sense of peace? Share your experience here and breathe life and bring hope to others.

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