Little Blessings

Little BlessingsLittle blessings are often overlooked, sometimes go completely unnoticed, or worse yet are attributed to coincidence. We live in a harsh world. Disappointment can be found around every corner. It is easy to become trapped by it. We begin to dwell on it and let it take over our mood and our drive, and let it squelch our passion.

I recently fell victim to this. I was sucked in by some disappointing news. I couldn’t shake it off. I tried focusing on the positive, but it wasn’t working. I prayed but felt no sense of relief. My husband and son tried to comfort me. It helped, but I was still discouraged.

The following day at work an unexpected conversation offered a little blessing that left me hope filled and encouraged. It wasn’t related to the disappointment. The person knew nothing of it. One could call it a coincidence. I, however, call it answered prayer. It was a little gift that was exactly what I needed. I spent the rest of the day thanking God for the little blessing.

Your love, dear brother, has brought me great joy and much encouragement! You have cheered the hearts of all God’s people. (Philemon 1:7 GNT). 

This scripture is a simple reminder that we all play a part in God’s plan to bring blessings to ourselves and each other. We live in a world where discouragement comes so easily and we are quick to focus on it. In this season of frenzy we are easily harried and crabby about the “to do” list a list filled with gifts to buy, food to be made, cards to be sent, and obligations to be filled.  So I decided to make a new “to do” list. One that encourages others the way I was encouraged.

Little Blessings “to do” list:

  • Use words of encouragement
  • Hold a door for someone
  • Smile
  • Say thank you
  • Pay for someone’s beverage
  • Help carry someone’s packages
  • Help pack someone’s groceries
  • Offer to help with a project at work

What would you add to the list? We live in a fallen world were the enemy loves to steal kill and destroy. He loves to hold us back from the things of God. We can give him a swift shove away by being a little blessing to someone else. I am always encouraged when I can bless someone.

Will you join me this Christmas season in intentionally blessing others? God can will do great things through us. We have to let Him. Share what is on your list and how He is using you to bless others. We can do this together.

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