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Merry Christmas

                  Merry Christmas. I pray this day is one of celebration and remembrance of the incredible gift of Christ. In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be

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Sweet Remembrance

Social media has a way of messing with me. Many of us have encountered a loss with a Facebook page that goes on into infinity. For me, those pages are a place to go for tribute and sweet remembrance. They

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Unwilling Gratitude

Sometimes I just don’t feel thankful. There I said it. I read countless gratitude posts on Facebook, and today I’m just not feeling it. I looked at my husband this evening and said, “I know I should be celebrating the

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My oldest son is spending his senior year of high school at Bethel University where I work and teach. It’s a great opportunity to finish high school and earn college credit at the same time. It is also a great

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It’s Temporary

Summer is a time of projects around our house. The first one to check off the list was a roof. What seemed endless as we began really was temporary. It was all hands on deck for tearing off the old

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Delight is a word that I have been sitting with recently. It is more than enjoy. It means to please someone greatly or take great pleasure. So, when I read this scripture, I began to question if I really do this. Do

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Unbearable Grief-Unspeakable Joy

I sit here in the midst of unbearable grief holding onto the promise of unspeakable joy. Cancer and other forms of life stealing illness seems to touch every one of us. My story is similar to so many. My beautiful

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My mom taught me well, always buy on clearance, save for emergencies and retirement, give to church and charity, and don’t carry debt. There was no room for extravagances or brand names unless on clearance. In fact, when I find

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‘Tis The Season

”Tis the season to focus on the Spirit of Christmas. It is so much more than gift giving. This week guest author, Jan Torrey, shares words God gave her to give to you. As you stress over all the extra tasks

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Having a thankful heart is something I strive for, but generally fall short. I find it easy to fall into the trap of complaining. I find it easy to get drawn into other’s negativity, as well. As Thanksgiving is on

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