Don’t spoil the surprise

Don’t Spoil The Surprise

Don’t spoil the surprise

I don’t like surprises. As soon as there is a hint of a surprise, I go digging. I look for clues. I’m not above checking a browsing history. The phrase, “don’t spoil the surprise,” is something I would say to others but not apply to myself.

Then hubby tells me to clear my calendar for weekend at the end of summer. I asked why and he stated, “It’s a surprise.” The most I was able to get out of him was that it was a road trip, and a road trip is at least three hours away. The night before we left, I learned the golf clubs were going with us.

It was driving me crazy. I couldn’t figure it out. What if I didn’t like it? We drove for five hours to our destination or so I thought. After dinner, hubby tells me that we had more traveling ahead of us the next day. I knew we had to be going to Kansas City, but I didn’t know why. I started googling events in the area. Curt took my phone away and said he wanted to see my face.

A little voice went through my head saying let him have this. As much as I didn’t like it, I agreed to stop looking and just go along with it. What could be happening that would be this big of a surprise? In my mind, the only event the would be a big surprise would be a Billy Joel concert. I had wanted to see him live for decades and each time he was in town we couldn’t afford tickets.

We had made it to dinner near Arrowhead stadium. I was able to figure out it was something happening there but was still clueless. Our waiter noted that we must be from out of town. We had an accent. Then he said, “What brings you to town? The Billy Joel concert?” Curt tried to say, “Don’t spoil the surprise.” He was too late. I was ecstatic. The waiter felt horrible, but there were still surprises ahead. I still didn’t know who was opening or that we had floor seats. When we walked onto the floor, I choked up.

Curt got the reaction he was looking for and I experienced the joy of a heartfelt surprise. God, too, likes to surprise us. Sarah was 90 years old when she conceived. I have to believe that God loves to see the joyful reaction similar to watching a child open up the gift they were hoping for.

11-12 Abraham and Sarah were old by this time, very old. Sarah was far past the age for having babies. Sarah laughed within herself, “An old woman like me? Get pregnant? With this old man of a husband?” (Genesis 18:11-12 MSG).

Surprise and joy are gifts from God. Gifts He created. This surprise concert gave me a new perspective on letting myself experience the joy that comes with the surprise. Trust is what gets in the way of letting myself experience surprise. It means trusting that someone else has my best interest at heart. God always has my best interest at heart. I believe God had a hand in this one. I’m still grateful to God and Curt for the joy of that weekend. And, I’m still working on trust.

Do you like surprises? Do you like to surprise others? Do you say, “Don’t spoil the surprise.” How has God surprised you? Share your story here and breathe life and bring hope to others.

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