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I don’t consider myself a gardener. My husband is the gardener. He typically plants a huge vegetable garden, cans pickles and salsa. I stay as far away from his garden as possible, however I do like my flowers. I will plant

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Disciplined Life

Discipline is hard. I have good intentions. I start out strong. Maintaining momentum is my downfall every time. Eventually, I get bored or busy which results in a day, week, or even a month off from the discipline. Living a

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I have always loved to sing. I have always found it refreshing to my soul, and always chalked it up to a personal enjoyment nothing more. I shouldn’t be surprised, however, that God created singing for so much more. As I

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Once every couple of years, I manage to take a weekend at the cabin by myself. Hubby and kiddos stay home leaving me with two days to spend in reflection. I pray, I reflect and I write. This has become

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“I’m not going to be like my mom, ” is a statement I have been making since my teen years. As a teen and young adult, it was because she seemed so out of touch with the modern life. As

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