I don’t consider myself a gardener. My husband is the gardener. He typically plants a huge vegetable garden, cans pickles and salsa. I stay as far away from his garden as possible, however I do like my flowers. I will plant a few annuals and clean up the flower beds. I don’t even mind weeding for the first 20 minutes. The problem is I’m six hours in and still weeding and mulching. My nails are broken, my fingers are rough and dirty even though I was wearing gloves. My back is tied up in knots. My shoulders and knees ache. Being a gardener is seriously hard work.

This has given me a new perspective on God as a gardener. It has always been this beautiful imagery of God caring for me, nurturing me and helping me grow. It was a peaceful and comforting image. Now, the image is completely different. I see God has hard-working and persistent to keep going after the weeds in my life. He is relentless. He never stops. This scripture is talking about others in our lives, but for me, it can also be God working tirelessly to keep my flowers from being overtaken.

Or they’re like weeds springing up in the sunshine, invading the garden, Spreading everywhere, overtaking the flowers, getting a foothold even in the rocks. But when the gardener rips them out by the roots, the garden doesn’t miss them one bit. The sooner the godless are gone, the better; then good plants can grow in their place. (Job 8:18-19 MSG).

God is the gardener who never stops digging out the weeds in my heart. He never stops trying uproot my behaviors that prevent me from loving as He loves. He doesn’t get tired and sore like I do. He just persists. He uproots rage and fears. All of the weeds he has uprooted in my life, I don’t miss one bit. In fact, I’m far better with them gone. Uprooted means gone forever. Uprooted means it doesn’t come back without a new seed being planted. So many weeds are gone from my life. My family has a wife and a mother who is more compassionate and caring. My heart has new depth. I am able to love more fully.

How about you? Are you willing to let God tend to the weeds in your life? Has God removed weeds from your life? Share your experience here and breathe life and bring hope to others.

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