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Self Less

I like to think about me. I admit it. I focus on my career, my family, my needs, my wants. Is that unusual? The world tells us to focus on ourselves. Media tells us to be thinner, prettier, younger. Social

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Why pray?

Today, I wanted to bring you this powerful story from a dear friend, Sandra Sheih. When I question an urge to pray, this reminds me of the power of prayer even when I’m not sure why I’m praying. Several years

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My oldest son is spending his senior year of high school at Bethel University where I work and teach. It’s a great opportunity to finish high school and earn college credit at the same time. It is also a great

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Sometimes being told what to do makes me recoil. Apparently, the same is true for my son. He had been in a discussion with a seasoned Christian who was telling him how he had to read scripture. Scripture had become

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Begging God

Yesterday I was telling my husband that I really need to get a blog post written. He asked, “Haven’t you run out of things to say?” Much to my surprise, I hadn’t. Until now. As I was driving home today,

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Recognizing the Pit

How did I not see the signs? Maybe I didn’t want to see the signs? Recognizing the pit of depression is difficult. Depression can slowly build over time. Patterns can make subtle changes. Suddenly, moodiness and poor sleep become an illness

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Dreams often feel strange and confusing. Reflecting on them each morning makes me wonder what I ate, or what my subconscious is really thinking. Many people question if God still speaks through dreams. I say yes. Here is why. The other

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Embodied Grief

Embodied grief means the grief has been contained or become tangible. I have known for a long time that emotions can be held within the body. I have also known that is can be very detrimental to one’s health. Here’s the

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Submitting tax forms every year is stressful for many of us. Running a small  business and interpreting tax codes has been a larger stress than I ever imagined. Well, truth be told, my  husband is the one who generally deals

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Disciplined Life

Discipline is hard. I have good intentions. I start out strong. Maintaining momentum is my downfall every time. Eventually, I get bored or busy which results in a day, week, or even a month off from the discipline. Living a

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