‘Tis The Season

Blue moon”Tis the season to focus on the Spirit of Christmas. It is so much more than gift giving. This week guest author, Jan Torrey, shares words God gave her to give to you.

As you stress over all the extra tasks to be accomplished during the Christmas season, think about the stress Mary felt as she told Joseph she was pregnant, though she had not been with a man.

As you travel the miles to shopping malls or virtual miles on the internet shopping sites, think about the miles Joseph and Mary trudged to get to Bethlehem.

As you stare into the calm that the fire in your fireplace brings, think about the quiet, starry night of Jesus’ birth.

As you search for just the right gift for your loved ones, think about the gifts the Magi brought to Jesus.

As you chuckle over the YouTube videos of dogs befriending owls and horses befriending birds or cats, think about how the animals were at peace with one another the night Jesus was born.

As you sing Christmas carols, think about the heavenly hosts singing hallelujahs to the Christ child.

As you think about the babies that are being born into this world of evil leaders, think about Jesus being born into a world ruled by the Roman Empire.

As you smell your cookies burning in the oven, think about the fury that burned in King Herod when he heard about the birth of the King-baby.

As you see the awe and wonder in your children’s eyes, think about the awe and wonder Mary and Joseph felt as they thought about how God entrusted them to love and care for His son.

As you sacrifice your time and money for your loved ones, thank Jesus for bringing love into the world and sacrificing His all for your salvation.

As you put all this together, let it lead you into the awe of the Lord
Jesus Christ. Sing songs, play the drums, the piano and guitar to praise, adore and celebrate the Lord Jesus Christ. Rest in the wonderment of the Savior. And during this beautiful season, say you are not stressed, you are blessed!

”Tis the season to remember we are blessed. Thank you Jan for these beautiful words that remind us who this season is all about. What keeps you grounded in the reason for this season? Share your stories here and breathe life and bring hope to others.

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