I often feel entitled. I feel entitled to a competitive wage. I feel entitled to a basic house and car. When I’m stressed and over worked, I feel entitled to a day off. When the weather is bitterly cold, I feel entitled to a vacation to warmer weather. After a week of healthy eating, I feel entitled to pizza.

I deserve a lot. There have even been times when I have told God what I deserve. With a bit of a mama bear attitude, I recently told God that my son, who has suffered significantly for his young life, was entitled to a lifetime of health.

I don’t encourage taking that posture with God, but I do think He understands my frustration. He understands that it is hard to endure significant suffering and even harder to watch a child go through it.

The truth is I’m not entitled to anything. What God does promise is more than I deserve. He promises that we are forgiven through Christ and we are right and whole.

36-39 “David, of course, having completed the work God set out for him, has been in the grave, dust and ashes, a long time now. But the One God raised up—no dust and ashes for him! I want you to know, my very dear friends, that it is on account of this resurrected Jesus that the forgiveness of your sins can be promised. He accomplishes, in those who believe, everything that the Law of Moses could never make good on. But everyone who believes in this raised-up Jesus is declared good and right and whole before God. (Acts 13: 36-39 MSG)

Despite my faults, my frustrations and sense of entitlement God declares me forgiven, good, right and whole. He listens to my declarations and brings comfort. He hears my cries and brings peace. He sees my suffering and offers wholeness. I might not get what I want, but my heart always gets what it needs. I’m reminded that He knows suffering far greater than anything I will ever experience.

Do you feel entitled? Do you feel like you deserve things in life? How have you worked through it? Share your experience here and breathe life and bring hope to others.

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