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My Apologies

“My apologies,” is a phrase I am saying more often than I would like these days. At work, I allow myself two mistakes per semester recognizing that we all make mistakes. It is easy for me to accept the mistakes

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Forgiveness 2.0

For years, I have been teaching others about forgiveness. I teach about forgiveness being the beginning of healing not the end. I teach about forgiveness being about self-healing. It’s not about the offender. It doesn’t condone actions. It doesn’t mean

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It’s Finished

Recently, my family went to see the new Spider-Man movie. I have to say I wasn’t overly excited about it. I’m hooked on the Marvel Avenger services and all its tentacles. However, how many times can you redo the Spider-Man

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Forgiveness Journey

You know their name. You can see their face. The pain, humiliation and disgrace rush back into your memory. You have heard over and over you need to forgive them. On one level  you want to, but you can’t. You

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