Any parent is familiar with the concept of persistence. The sound of a child, “Mom, Mom, Mom, MOM.” It doesn’t change as they get older either. Our youngest started asking for a new computer last fall. He was willing to pay for it from his earnings. We didn’t see the need.

He persisted. We continued to say no for months. He wanted to build it himself. It would be a “good educational experience.” We continued to say no. Then shelter in place set in. He needed something to do other than play video games. He was itching to build something. His persistence was wearing on us.

Finally, his dad caved in. We decided it could be good for him to build a computer. A few days later components started to arrive. It took him maybe two hours to build it and be up and running. So much for a “good educational experience.” His persistence paid off.

There is a story in scripture that reminds me that persistence. Jesus tells the story of a persistent widow with a judge. She was begging for justice. She was relentless. She wore the judge down.

6-8 Then the Master said, “Do you hear what that judge, corrupt as he is, is saying? So what makes you think God won’t step in and work justice for his chosen people, who continue to cry out for help? Won’t he stick up for them? I assure you, he will. He will not drag his feet. But how much of that kind of persistent faith will the Son of Man find on the earth when he returns?” (Luke 18:6-8 MSG).

Many times, I have cried out to God. Many times, I thought my cries went unheard. Many times, I have begged. Many times, I thought the answer was no. Many times, God has surprised me often when I least expect it. He sticks up for me. He provides more than I need. I’m reminded to be as persistent as a teenager. He is listening and cares deeply about my needs.

Are you persistent with God? Do you continue to bring to Him what is heavy on your heart? Share your experience here and breathe life and bring hope to others.

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