Simple Joy

It is easy to think about all the things I can’t do right now. Simple joy reminds me what is important. It reminds me how full life can be when I focus on what really matters.

I love travel, adventure, shopping, golfing. These are things that are tough to do with social distancing. One thing I have worked hard to maintain, is the ability to see my mother. Her health is in significant decline, and the changes are noticeable on a weekly basis, now. We hold high standards for following the social distancing and sanitation recommendations so I can continue to see her with a clear conscience.

All winter, Mom has been talking about wanting to get outside and walk around the neighborhood. My sisters and I would smile and nod knowing that she no longer has the strength for a walk down the road. Being outside and going for walks have always been a source of simple joy for Mom. It has been hard to watch her lose her independence.

Recently, my niece brought over an electric scooter for her to use to get around the neighborhood. It was finally warm enough to give it a try. She was so excited. The walk to the garage was enough for her. My sister showed her how the controls work and the three of us headed down the driveway.

Her face lit up in a way that I hadn’t seen in months. It was a youthful look of delight. She kept smiling and wanted to go faster. She was so full of joy. I didn’t want it to end for her. A trip to the end of the block and back was sufficient.

4-5 Complain if you must, but don’t lash out.
Keep your mouth shut, and let your heart do the talking.
Build your case before God and wait for his verdict. 6-7 Why is everyone hungry for more? “More, more,” they say.
“More, more.”
I have God’s more-than-enough,
More joy in one ordinary day
(Psalm 4:4-7 MSG).

For days, I have been looking a the picture above and a short video clip of her asking to go faster and my heart overwhelms with joy. The simple joy on her face is what matters. I don’t need more of anything. I need to find more ways to help others experience joy. My heart will be God filled with joy. It is a more powerful experience than any travel or adventure.

God help me find simple joy in ordinary life. I know there is nothing ordinary in a life with you.

How are you finding joy in this time of isolation? How are you seeking God’s joy in the ordinary? Share your experience here and breathe life and bring hope to others.

2 thoughts on “Simple Joy

  1. Finding joy just being home with family has been my focus. I’m still going to work for very small amounts of time, starting full time again May 26th, and knowing that this time with my kids will end soon makes me sad. We haven’t had the trials financially as many families have and it’s easy for me to find joy in being home. I believe so many people have suffered financially and emotionally during this time of “safer at home” that I feel bad for having joy!

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