Recognizing the Pit

How did I not see the signs? Maybe I didn’t want to see the signs? Recognizing the pit of depression is difficult. Depression can slowly build over time. Patterns can make subtle changes. Suddenly, moodiness and poor sleep become an illness that needs attention.

That is how it was with my son. We watched him struggle to get a good nights sleep. He seemed down more often than a typical teenager. He kept talking about something being missing in his life. I’ve asked myself how did I miss it, but the truth is I didn’t want to see it. I didn’t want him to hurt the way I had hurt. I didn’t want him to struggle in the pit.

Since recognizing the pit, so much makes sense. His struggles and anxieties no longer seem like teenage angst. The signs were there. Here are a few signs of depression.

  1. Sad or down mood
  2. Poor sleep
  3. Lack of energy
  4. Anxiety
  5. Irritable/Isolating

Depression was hard enough to go through myself. The last thing I wanted was for my son to have to experience the pit. Memories of my experience in the pit have come flooding back. I understand what he’s going through and know I can’t fix it for him. I, so, want to fix it for him.

It was easier to go through the pit than parent through the pit. The typical “mom” response is now second guessed, reframed, and still comes out wrong. God has continually reminded me that He has this all under control, and this scripture is my hope.

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. (Romans 12:12 NIV).

Recognizing the pit was one thing. Walking with someone through the pit, is another. That being said, I’m thankful to have the depression identified so we can walk through it. Walking through it is hard, but it better than wondering, questioning and watching someone sink further into the pit. We now have words to use and an extra measure of grace to offer. Depression is a sneaky disease. One that shouldn’t be ignored and pushed aside.  There are many treatments available, and a God whose desire is for all of us to be whole. I’m living proof that depression can be treated and that God can restore us to complete wholeness. My son and I trust that He will do the same for him.

Do you know someone struggling with depression? Is it time to recognize the pit they are in and walk with them? Hope, patience, prayer and the promises of God will guide you through.

What is your story of depression? Share it here and breathe life and bring hope to others.

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