Shadows can be creepy. They immediately bring to mind a dark ally with a huge shadow going up the wall. They lurk. They catch us off guard and startle us. We back up and look around wondering what’s about to jump out at us. Fear rises up. Our hearts start to race. We break out in a sweat and get ready to run.

Do you have shadows in your life?

4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,[d] I fear no evil; for thou art with me; (Psalm 23 RSV)

Maybe your shadow isn’t death. Maybe it’s debt or depression or lack of health or ….

I have had lots of shadows throughout my life. These shadows kept popping up until I dealt with them. Depression was one of them. Fear of rejection has been one. Unforgiveness has certainly lurked int he shadows of my life. My current shadow has by my physical health. (I think there may be future bogs on this :0) I have spent decades trying to achieve my ideal weight because I wanted to look good. There has been this shadow lurking that says to me, “If you not thin, you have no worth.” It’s a lie that I have been willing to believe.

I recently heard a message by Pastor Rick Warren from Saddleback Church where he talked about shadows. He said that shadows can’t hurt you. They are always bigger than the source. He says to turn your back on the shadow and look at the light. Where there is a shadow there is always a light and the light is Jesus.

I love this! And, that’s what I’m doing. We are often told to face our fear. That is supposed to somehow make us stronger. I have tried this. It does seem to make it easier the next time, but it doesn’t get rid of the shadow. I think we have had it all wrong. I don’t need to rely on my own strength. I have Him with me.  I’m no longer trying to have the perfect body but a healthy body. A body with energy and vitality to live out whatever God calls me to do. I want to be stronger and healthier for Him. I have turned my back on the shadow and am finally having success.

The shadow can be the enemy, or our choices. It feels scary to turn our backs on it and that is how it keeps a hold on us. Remember Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.” When you turn your back on the shadow you are standing face to face with Jesus. We don’t need to fear. He is with us. Don’t let fear stand in your way.

What shadow are you ready to turn your back on? Share them here and join me in moving from fear toward the light of Jesus. How fun would it be to see all the ways we are turning our backs on fear.

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