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Four! How did that happen? I have been posting weekly for four years. It is hard to believe it has been that long. It’s hard to believe I have that much to say. How do I continue to have something

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Bold Faith

Her young life changed in an instant. She was faced with humiliation and divorce, yes, divorce. Even though they weren’t married yet, in that time, once engaged formal papers had been filed. Who was going to believe her? She had

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‘Tis The Season

”Tis the season to focus on the Spirit of Christmas. It is so much more than gift giving. This week guest author, Jan Torrey, shares words God gave her to give to you. As you stress over all the extra tasks

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Having a thankful heart is something I strive for, but generally fall short. I find it easy to fall into the trap of complaining. I find it easy to get drawn into other’s negativity, as well. As Thanksgiving is on

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Gift Received

We are moving into the season of giving. My favorite time of year except for trying to buy something for my husband. He is a great gift giver, thoughtful and generous. He is a terrible gift receiver. He is impossible. The

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Miracles, do they still happen? It’s a valid question, but the other question we have to ask ourselves is would we notice. It is my mom that has me thinking so much about miracles. The boys and I had just

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Independence Day

Thank you God for all who have, all who are and all who will serve for my freedom and independence. Please don’t ever let me take this for granted. Please surround those currently serving with your protection and care while pouring

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In Memory

In memory of all those who served, I want to share a tribute to my dad, John and the 96th Infantry. This picture was taken in Okinawa and is featured in World Book Encyclopedia and in a documentary by the

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Want More?

 Want more? Don’t we all? In our western society, we are bombarded with media that tells us we need more.  I certainly get caught in the trap. I want more money. I want more opportunities for my kids. I want more

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Little Blessings

Little blessings are often overlooked, sometimes go completely unnoticed, or worse yet are attributed to coincidence. We live in a harsh world. Disappointment can be found around every corner. It is easy to become trapped by it. We begin to dwell

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