Delight is a word that I have been sitting with recently. It is more than enjoy. It means to please someone greatly or take great pleasure. So, when I read this scripture, I began to question if I really do this. Do I take great pleasure in the Lord? Do I know what that would feel like? How do I practice this?

Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4 NIV).

Then I saw it. As a family, we tried snorkeling while on vacation. I was so uncomfortable. I would try to relax and breathe carefully. It would last for a short time. Then panic would set in and my head would pop out of the water. I’m not a confident swimmer, so the current was also an issue. Part of me didn’t want to go out too deep and yet not going out deeper meant risking the current slamming me into the rocks. The rocks were not my biggest concern. It was the sea urchins hanging out in the rocks that terrified me. I was out of my comfort zone, but trying to embrace sea life and the experience.

My son’s, however, loved snorkeling. My youngest was in his element. He has always loved the water and was a natural at snorkeling. He could dive down under the water, come up and clear his breathing tube, then head back down. I never left the surface of the water. Then I saw it. I saw delight in his eyes and smile. A sea turtle had come alongside him and swam with him. As he described how cool it was and how much he was loving snorkeling, he was glowing. It was in his voice and in his eyes. He was experiencing great pleasure while snorkeling.

Seeing his joy became my favorite part of the trip. I have begun to understand why God wants us to delight in Him. Seeing my son’s delight brought me joy, and all I wanted was for him to have more. It is a small leap, but doesn’t it make sense that God would see it the same way on a grander scale? When I delight in God, have joy in Him, make Him the center of my devotion and gratitude, it brings Him great joy and He wants to continue to see that glisten in our eyes, so He continues to pour into us. This is not built on conceit. It is not a “do as you are told” type of relationship. It is built on unconditional love and grace. It is built on intimacy and joy.

I remember, in the midst of the moment with my son, thanking God for my son’s delight for such a moment of joy. I was also thankful for the glimpse into God’s heart for us. I will use it to remind me how God feels about me and how important it is for me to take great pleasure in Him. Will you join me?

How do you understand delight? How have you experienced it? Share your story here and breathe life and bring hope to others.

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