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Do Over

It was one of those days. I had spent several hours working on a report. I was proud of it. In going over it with a colleague, I came to realize that it needed to be completely redone. It needed

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Recently, a friend asked that I write about regret. He mentioned that he has had many conversations with older (70, 80-year-old) folks who wished they could redo parts of their lives. He wanted my take on this. Far be it

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Unspoken Rules

I have unspoken rules. For example, I have rules about public bathrooms. Whenever possible, there should be an empty stall between you and me. If there are multiple toilet paper rolls, take from the smallest roll. No conversations between stalls. Always

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I don’t consider myself a gardener. My husband is the gardener. He typically plants a huge vegetable garden, cans pickles and salsa. I stay as far away from his garden as possible, however I do like my flowers. I will plant

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Well Run Dry

A well is a source of refreshment. It brings nourishment and energy to the soul. But, a well run dry leaves us parched, tired and cranky. A couple of decades ago a close friend said, “I would always be going Mach

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Not a Sinner

”A sinner saved by grace” is a common declaration made by Christians. To be honest, I have always struggled with this phrase. I have decided it’s a phrase that doesn’t reflect me. I am not a sinner saved by grace.

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The Pharisee in Me

I like to be right. I will argue my point. I will stand my ground. In my house, all of us like to be right, and take great pleasure in proving someone else wrong. The family banter is fun, but

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Why I Believe

It’s supposed to be spring in Minnesota, but nine inches of new snow has given me reason to doubt. I believe, if we are honest with ourselves, we all have times of doubt. We all have questions. I grew up

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Volkswagen vans are an icon of the 1960s, When I see them on the road today, they are generally full of rust and barely running. They look run down, and ready to retire.  Once in awhile, I see one that

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Searching for answers is part of the human condition. We all have different questions, but want the right answer. Is that the right approach? I had a random, yet inspiring conversation after church this week. The conversation was mostly about

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