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New Beginnings

Silverware and new beginnings, what could be the connection? It started with a simple question to my youngest son. “Do you have any silverware in your room?” His answer was no. I was skeptical. I knew the silverware drawer was

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Stubborn is…

It was a simple task take down the container of protein powder and don’t knock the lemon juice off the shelf in the process. Pull the powder forward. Push the glass bottle of lemon juice back. Go slow; it will

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Thanksgiving Is…

Thanksgiving is typically filled with lots of family commotion. I have a large family, so Thanksgiving is usually an abundance of food, laughter and small conversations to check in with each one. We are spread out across several rooms. We

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Faith Is…

I have been thinking a lot about what faith is. An old friend, Mike Yaconelli, used to talk about faith as this wild ride, a reckless adventure. He had this incredible passion for faith and life. When I’m feeling a lackluster

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The Road of Life

This week I want to share a poem that has been close to my heart for decades. It reminds me of my journey and to “shut up and pedal.” I pray it brings you the peace it brings me. Pedal.

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Enough Faith

This sign hangs by our dining table. I see it everyday, but this week it has been stirring within me. What does it mean to have enough faith? I hear statements such as, “pray harder,” “you didn’t pray hard enough,”

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I have been wrestling with some questions, lately. They are questions that I will probably never have the answer to in this life. What motivates a person to change? We go through trauma, addiction, poor life choices and habits. These

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Do Over

It was one of those days. I had spent several hours working on a report. I was proud of it. In going over it with a colleague, I came to realize that it needed to be completely redone. It needed

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Recently, a friend asked that I write about regret. He mentioned that he has had many conversations with older (70, 80-year-old) folks who wished they could redo parts of their lives. He wanted my take on this. Far be it

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Unspoken Rules

I have unspoken rules. For example, I have rules about public bathrooms. Whenever possible, there should be an empty stall between you and me. If there are multiple toilet paper rolls, take from the smallest roll. No conversations between stalls. Always

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