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Wrestling with Scripture

Scripture can seem boring or out of touch with today when read. The words and phrases don’t always fit with the way we express ourselves. It can seem hard to understand. It can also seem like the same old stories

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Recognizing the Pit

How did I not see the signs? Maybe I didn’t want to see the signs? Recognizing the pit of depression is difficult. Depression can slowly build over time. Patterns can make subtle changes. Suddenly, moodiness and poor sleep become an illness

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Pressure Washed by Grace

It is that time of year in Minnesota. We break out the pressure washer and other such industrial cleaning tools. We clean off the siding of the house, the gutters, the deck etc. Cobwebs, dirt, and wasp nests are blasted off

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Gift Received

We are moving into the season of giving. My favorite time of year except for trying to buy something for my husband. He is a great gift giver, thoughtful and generous. He is a terrible gift receiver. He is impossible. The

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Love Well

Recently, I had the privilege of watching a dear friend in her new role as a pastor. I have watched her go back to school and faithfully struggle into the calling God has for her. Her passion for God and

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Hard Road

I always choose the easiest route possible to my destination. If I can get their faster by traveling a longer distance, I will choose the faster road. I don’t want things to be hard. I don’t want to take the

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Moses, at the burning bush, asked Him, “What is your name?” God responded, “I am who I am.” We often refer to God as the Great I AM. Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks says that our English translation is too limited.

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Wrong Direction

There is nothing worse than the realization that you are headed the wrong direction. After a long day of work and teaching, I was finally headed home. It was after 10:00 pm. It was very dark and starting to rain. I

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Little Blessings

Little blessings are often overlooked, sometimes go completely unnoticed, or worse yet are attributed to coincidence. We live in a harsh world. Disappointment can be found around every corner. It is easy to become trapped by it. We begin to dwell

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I admit it. I touch up photos whenever I can. I fuss over the lighting, but mostly I fuss over wrinkles. My photo editing options on my iPad are limited, so to remove wrinkles I would have to go to

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