The other morning I woke up around 1;00 am and had two phrases from a song going through my head. “The prison walls started falling, and I became a free man that day.” I couldn’t remember any other part of the song just those two liners. Then it hit me. It was a David Crowder song called Red Letters.

Typically when this happens, it is a song I have been listening to a lot and I turn it into a prayer as I fall back to sleep. This time I took it as God speaking into my life. He was telling me the walls are falling and I am free. Life has a way of challenging us even shaking our foundation, but one thing has remained unshakeable.

The last six months have been filled with walking into my past and changing the grip it has had on me. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions. The waves of sorrow come when it’s least expected.

Throughout this entire process, God has been my safe place. Even when I got really mad at him, I knew his gentle strength would still be there for me. He has been this solid rock for me for decades. These last months he has literally taken difficult memories and made them tolerable. He has reminded me that I am his precious daughter. He reminds me that nothing in my past defines me or makes me less than. He has been an unshakeable force of strength, love and grace in my life.

God, the one and only—
    I’ll wait as long as he says.
Everything I hope for comes from him,
    so why not?
He’s solid rock under my feet,
    breathing room for my soul,
An impregnable castle:
    I’m set for life.
7-8 My help and glory are in God
    —granite-strength and safe-harbor-God—
So trust him absolutely, people;
    lay your lives on the line for him.
    God is a safe place to be. (Psalm 62:5-7 MSG).

God has been unshakeable in my life, so I am becoming unshakeable in my faith. He is my solid rock. I want others to see how unshakeable his is through my life.

Is God your solid rock? How has he been a safe place in your life? Do you need to lean in closer and trust that he is your safe harbor? Share your experience here and breathe life and bring hope to others.

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